Installation from the KVM DELL iDrac

Connect to iDrac

Start your iDRAC session from the management console:

Console / media

Click on console / media

Now select the button “Launch virtual console” :

A java applet needs to be downloaded now and executed, Validate all credentials. You should see that now :

You should see these tabs : The one that interest us is the one called “Virtual media” Click on it and then click on “Launch virtual media”

That windows should appear, select “Add Image” ans select your ISO.

Now do not forget to map your ISO, otherwise you won't be able to boot on it.

Do not close that window and go back to your virtual console. Clic on “Power” and “Power on”

The server is going to reboot, now push F11 button to access the boot menu

And select the virtual CD:

Here you are, you can start your custom installation: