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Personalization - Disks


Additional disks can be added to servers of the 2014v2 & 2015 range: Start, Pro, Wopr and Storage. The server needs to have at least the Business service level.

We will make this feature soon available to older ranges.


We offer 9 different types of disks:

  • SATA disk 2 TB
  • SATA disk 3 TB
  • SATA disk 3 TB
  • SATA disk 6 TB
  • SATA disk 8 TB
  • SAS 15k disk 300 GB
  • SAS 15k disk 600 GB
  • SSD disk 240 GB ENT Class
  • SSD disk 480 GB ENT Class
  • SSD disk 960 GB ENT Class

The number of available slots depends on the chassis of your server:

  • R320 ( MD 2015, Pro 2015 ) : 4 slots available
  • R720 ( ENT 2015, mWopr 2015, WOPR 2015 ) : 8 slots available

We offer also 3 types of USB disks, a maximum of one disk per machine can be connected:

  • USB Disk – 160 GB – 15 Euros (excl. VAT)
  • USB Disk – 500 GB – 35 Euros (excl. VAT)
  • USB Disk – 1 TB – 59 Euros (excl. VAT)

We charge only a one time installation fee for the disk, there are no monthly recurring costs for it.


The order of an additional disk is proposed by default during the order of a new server.

For existing orders, the disk can be ordered from the menu « Personalize », which can be reached from your servers status page.

* Pictures may differ from actual products


The USB disks is covered by the same warranty as your server. If it fails, it will be replaced without additional costs.