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Personalization - Disks


Additional disks can be added to servers of the 2014v2 & 2015 range: Start, Pro, Wopr and Storage. The server needs to have at least the Business service level.

We will make this feature soon available to older ranges.


We offer 9 different types of disks:

  • SATA disk 2 TB
  • SATA disk 3 TB
  • SATA disk 3 TB
  • SATA disk 6 TB
  • SATA disk 8 TB
  • SAS 15k disk 300 GB
  • SAS 15k disk 600 GB
  • SSD disk 240 GB ENT Class
  • SSD disk 480 GB ENT Class
  • SSD disk 960 GB ENT Class

The number of available slots depends on the chassis of your server:

  • R320 ( MD 2015, Pro 2015 ) : 4 slots available
  • R720 ( ENT 2015, mWopr 2015, WOPR 2015 ) : 8 slots available

We offer also 3 types of USB disks, a maximum of one disk per machine can be connected:

  • USB Disk – 160 GB – 15 Euros (excl. VAT)
  • USB Disk – 500 GB – 35 Euros (excl. VAT)
  • USB Disk – 1 TB – 59 Euros (excl. VAT)

We charge only a one time installation fee for the disk, there are no monthly recurring costs for it.


The order of an additional disk is proposed by default during the order of a new server.

For existing orders, the disk can be ordered from the menu « Personalize », which can be reached from your servers status page.

* Pictures may differ from actual products


Your additional disk will be connected to your server within one hour after your order.


The USB disks is covered by the same warranty as your server. If it fails, it will be replaced without additional costs.