Additionals Options

You'll find below the list of all included & available options for your server:

Included options

1 Gbit/sec connection

Allow your server to use more than the guaranteed bandwidth, permanently!

An IPv6 block (/48) per account

Enter in the next generation IP addressing with our IPv6 compliant network

Network usage statistics

Check the network usage your server are using.

Remote reboot

Reboot your server remotely from your console directly.

Rescue system

Access a network-based rescue system on Ubuntu to mount your partition and fix your issues.

KVM over IP /!\

Check what is happening on your server's video output as you were in front of it.


Program some sensor check in order to be warned if your services goes down.

FTP Backup: 100 GB

Backup your importants datas on an external FTP space.

Available options

Failover IPs

User virtual IPs that can be moved between your servers

Virtual MAC addresses

Create a Virtual MAC on your failovers IPs in order to use them on your Virtual Machines

FTP Backup: 750GB

Expand your FTP space to store more datas

The service levels Business+/Critical

Order additional level of services to get better SLA and premium service!

Anti-DDOS protection

Get your critical server/services under Arbor protection, the best DDoS protection on the market