Subscripton to the JMRP


Subscribtion to the JMRP (or Junk Mail Reporting Program) allows you to register your IPs with the mail delivery system of Microsoft.

This allows you, in case your IP is considered as emitter of SPAM, to take the neccessairy action to remove your IPs from being blacklisted.

By default they refer to the owner of the IP ( to determine the associated mail address to a particular IP.

If you have configured the reverse DNS of your IP correctly, you will be able to choose an email address within your domain.

Do not hesitate to find out more about the configuration of your reverse DNS in our documentation:

Subscription to the program

To subscribe, you need a Microsoft account.

I invite you to click on the following link:
And to connect with your account.

Once you are connected it will ask you for some details and the concerned IPs.

Here is what it looks for an IP with a correctly configured reverse DNS:

We have to choose an email address linked to the domain of the reverse.

You now only have to finalize the inscription to profit from this service of Microsoft.

Do not hesitate to read their best practices for sending mail: