The Dedibox / Online network


By choosing Online, you have made the choice to place your content to the nearest of millions of broadband subscribers. Online continuously optimizes its network to make sure you get the lowest possible latency.

More information related to the connectivity of the servers can be found at this page.

Network informations

The informations and network parameters of your Dedibox server can be consulted from the status page of the server in your Management console.

More informations about the differents network services are avilable by following this link : Dedibox network information.

Classical IP addresses

Each server is delivered with (at least) one IPV4. It is possible to use IPV6 also, this option, without fees,must be ordered in the management console.

The network used by Dedibox are :

IP ranges : & &

From September 15th 2014 to October 15th 2014, ALL the server IP and failover IP in and will be progressively disabled on the Dedibox/Online network.

You can find the required documentation about all procedures for migrating your IPs to the new network/

  • Old IP ranges: &

Failover IP addresses

IPs failover allow you to benefit IPv4 addresses that can be toggled from a server to another one in a few second. Just drag and drop your IP to a server from your management console in the IP failover section.

More informations are available on the related page : IP failover.

Edit the reverse of a failover IP

Additional IP addresses

Additional IP addresses are not available anymore, they have been replaced by IP failover addresses.

More informations following this link : Additional IP addresses.

IPV6 addresses

The whole Online/Dedibox network is IPv6 ready, and you can request a /48 subnet for your servers for free.

More information is available in the IPv6 related section .

Splitting of an IPv6 block

Add a DNS delegation: IPV6 and IPV4

Virtual mac addresses

Virtual MAC addresses allow you to use bridge instead of NAT by allowing extra mac addresses on our network equipments.

For more informations, follow the Virtual MAC addresses documentation.

Network statistics

With each dedicated server we provide a network stats tool. Examples available on the Network statistics page.

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