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Server connectivity

Stability and performance

The network of Online is known to deliver high performance and maximum availability and stability. We offer one of the best network availabilities of the market.

Since its introduction in May 2006 there was no known failure that impacted all servers.

The network of is made exclusively of Cisco equipment.

We use 2960, 2960G, 2960S and 4948 switches and 6509 routers connected to a Carrier Routing System (CRS).

Online is the first French hosting company that provides, since January 2015, at least 200Mbit/s of guaranteed Internet bandwidth with its dedicated servers.

Included in the dedicated servers offer from Online

  • A network connection from 200Mbit/s up to 4x1Gbit/s
  • A minimum guaranteed premium Internet bandwidth with unlimited traffic is guaranteed for each Online account (the info is available at the time of purchase and may change thereafter).
  • 1 fixed public IPv4 for each server
  • 1 to 40 redundant “failover IP's”, billed per month and per IP
  • 1 IPv6 /48 block for each account
  • Customizable reverse DNS of your IP addresses (IPv4 only, IPv6 & /27 delegation)
  • Graphs of your bandwidth usage
  • The access to our weathermap, allowing you to visualize our network: