Network port off

This message will be displayed when you change the mode of the server, for example by passing the server from normal to rescue mode or during the reboot of a server.

Normally it should not be visible for longer than a few seconds.

If it visible for a longer period or cycles every 5 minutes, then your server is distributing unauthorized traffic in the style of DHCP, distributing a MAC address that is not assigned to the server, ARP requests, too many requests per second in sending or receiving on your server, ….

If you continue to see this message, empty the cache of your browser as the old page may be kept in your browsers cache (Or reload the page several times by pressing CTRL+F5 to force the reload of the new version of the page).

PfSense IPv6 Packet Flood

When setting up the WAN interface on a PfSense firewall you should disable auto configuration, as it might cause an IPv6 packet flood shutting down your servers network port.

If your network ports does not become available after a few minutes, you need to contact the support.