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-======= Windows ​IPV6 configuration ​=======+======= Windows ​IPv6 prefix delegation (via DHCPv6) ​=======
-<note important>​This does currently not work with Servers ​supporting [[en:​dedicated-server:​network:​ipv6:​slaac|IPv6 SLAAC]].</​note>​+<note important>​On servers ​supporting [[en:​dedicated-server:​network:​ipv6:​slaac|IPv6 SLAAC]], [[en:​dedicated-server:​network:​ipv6:​slaac#​activation|SLAAC has to be enabled]] in order to ensure that DHCPv6 works correctly.</​note>​
 ==== Configuring the DUID in the Windows Registry ==== ==== Configuring the DUID in the Windows Registry ====