Activation of IPv6 SLAAC assigns one /128 IPv6 to your server. This IP will be statically linked to your server and can not be attributed to a another server.

This feature is not yet available for all servers. Only the servers that are compatible will show the related button.


To activate IPv6 SLAAC, you can go directly to the administration page of the concerned server, then click on the button “Activate IPv6 SLAAC

If your system is compatible, it recovers the information provided by the switch and will add the IPv6 on the main interface.

It is required to activate the option on servers compatible with SLAAC to ensure that IPv6 DUID will work IPv6 /48 Prefix.

If you want to disable the configuration via SLAAC, you can add the following line in your network configuration: pre-up/sbin/sysctl -w net.ipv6.conf.eth1.accept_ra=0. Make sure to replace eth1 with the correct name of your interface.