Edit the reverse of a failover IP

The reverse DNS (rDNS) or PTR record allows to match an IP address with a domain name.

Usually we point a domain name to a specific IP.
The reverse repeats this procedure vice versa.

It is essential to have your reverses configured correctly if you want to send email.

At first you have to go to the network configuration in your account “Server” > “Network configuration”

To edit the reverse of an IP failover, you have simply click on the cogwheel icon next to the IP failover and select “Edit reverse”.

It is required that you have a valid domain name pointed to to the relevant IP

For example: if you want to set the reverse of your IP to sevi.poneytelecom.eu, the domain sevi.poneytelecom.eu must point to

Attention: This page explains only how to configure the reverse DNS for failover IPs, not your servers main IP. You have to edit the reverse DNS for the main IP on the servers page.