Failover IP

The Failover IPs allow you to have an IP address that is movable from one server to another within minutes from your management console. You can also use them as additional IP addresses on your server. For example to give each website in Plesk it's own IP.

The failover IP allows you to move the IP from one server to another without changing your whole configuration. For example, if your server is out of order, you can move the IP to your fallback server and your services are available without any downtime.

You can also use these IP's to create virtual machines on your Dedibox.

Availability of failover IPs

The failover IPs are available on all our offers.
The price for a failover IP is €1.99 per month on all our offers.
A setup fee of €2.99 applies to each order of a failover IP.
The price for failover IPs for customers currently paying the old price of €0.99 per month will be adjusted to the current pricing on July 1st 2015.

Failover IPs can be moved between servers in different Datacenters.

The failover IPs are limited depending on the offer and service level you choose. Your can find more at our dedicated server offers.

The failover IPs are an option and are billed in full for each month (regardless of the order date).

Add a failover IP

Select a server from your management console.

On the servers status page click on Add an IP address.

You can choose a failover IP from the list of available IPs.

Configuration of the failover IP

Once you have subscribed to a failover IP, go back to the status of your server.

Click on the Failover tab. You can then add the failover IP to your server by “drag&drop” the address on the destination server.

Click on the button Update for your modification becoming active.

The update of the failover IPs is done every few minutes

If your failover IP is not working although it is shown as active, undo your modification and do it again.

You can use multiple failover IPs for one VM. The failover IPs share the same MAC and can be assigned to the same VM. In the IP configuration interface these IPs will show up as a group. They can not be moved individually.

Configuration of the reverse of a failover IP

The configuration of the reverse for your failover IPs is available at the status page of the server.

Click on the button Modify the reverses.

Configuration on your server

On Windows
On Linux

Test of a failover IP

If you are in doubt about the functionality of a failover IP, you can test it using the rescue mode of your server.

It is important to REMOVE the virtual MAC before you test your IP failover in rescue mode.

Select the Ubuntu based rescue system and connect to your server using SSH with the credentials shown in your management console. Use the following command to test the failover IP:

ifconfig eth0:0 my_failover_ip netmask

Your failover IP will reply on ping - if not you can contact the technical assistance.