Enabeling the public network interface on Quanta based Dedibox servers

During the automatic installation of a Desktop orientated operating system on a Quanta server, the public network interface might not be enabled automatically.

You can enable the interface from the KVM over IP device of the server.

Here is a guide how to do it:

  • Connect yourself to the server via the virtual console. Please note that the default language and keyboard layout is set to English. You can use the software keyboard from the Virtual Console to have a virtual US-English keyboard:

  • Click on the network icon in the taskbar on the upper corner of the screen to show the network settings. You will notice that the first interface is activated, but the second isn't. Click on the second network interface to enable it:

  • Verify that the network has been activated (1) and click on Connection information (2) to show the network settings of the server.

  • Verify that the correct IP address has been assigned to the server and check the network connection with a ping from the server.