Anti-DDoS protection

Functionality of the anti-DDoS protection

The anti-DDOS solution of Online is based on Arbor Peakflow SP TMS.

The equipment, placed at the heart of our network, allows:

  • the automatic detection of DDOS attacks
  • the suppression of malicious traffic

This solution allows to block the majority of attacks.

Availability of the anti-DDoS offers

You profit by default from a protection against DDoS attacks.
If your activities requires it, you should be upgrade to business service level to be able for subscription to Arbor

Anti-DDoS offers

You can find the list of available anti-DDoS offers on the Arbor anti-DDOS page at The Advanced & Curative offers allow you, together with your project manager, to analyze and adapt the protection of your server, filtering ports, packet types, and adjusting the detection limits.