RAID configuration via KVM on a HP server (iLO)

The personalized RAID configuration allows you to create a RAID mode that cannot be created using the management console of (RAID10 for example).

You can do a personalized installation using ILO after the following edit.

Once the server is installed, the iDRAC button displays.

1. Click iDRAC to start with the creation of the credentials:

You are now connected to the webpage of your ILO. Click Java to launch the JAVA applet.

3. Confirm the connection in about two windows (depending your OS)

You are now connected to the KVM. Be cautious when using it.

4. Return to the administration page in your console, click Reboot to restart your server.

The server will restart. During the boot process you have to press the F8 keys on your keyboard to launch the RAID configuration utility:

Once your choice is registered, the following screen displays in your KVM (navigation is performed using the arrow keys on your keyboard):

5. Remove the pre-existing RAID1 on our servers by selecting Delete Logical Drive.

6. Confirm the deletion of the logical drive. In our case we have to press F3:

7. Create your new RAID by selecting Create Logical Drive in the main menu. The following screen displays:

You can use the TAB key on your keyboard to navigate through the menus and create your RAID as you want.