Monitoring of your dedicated server



Your management console includes a monitoring system that notifies you by email or SMS regarding potential anomalies.

Our monitoring system checks your server every 5 minutes and sends an alert if an issue arises.

An email alert is sent for the following services:

  • Ping ⇒ Verification that your server replies to “ping”
  • HTTP ⇒ Verification that your httpd answers
  • SSH ⇒ Verification that your SSH server is responds
  • DNS ⇒ Verification that your DNS server works correctly
  • FTP ⇒ Verification that your FTP server works
  • SMTP ⇒ Verification of your SMTP server
  • IMAP ⇒ Verification of your IMAP server
  • POP ⇒ Verficaiton of your POP server
  • RDesktop ⇒ Verification of the availability of Remote Desktop

A SMS alert is sent for the following service:

  • Ping ⇒ Verification that your server replies to “ping”

To access this service click Server > Server List > Select a Server > Monitoring

The service is presented with two blocks:

  • (1) One block displays the monitored services and the notifications configuration.
  • (2) One block allows you to add a service monitoring.
The numbered of monitored services and contacts notified are not limited.

You have to add the IP range to permit the ICMP packets to receive monitoring updates.

Proactive monitoring

The proactive monitoring is no longer available.


An history of past actions are available on your server. This list can be used to diagnose hardware problems (reboot issues, network, …)