Hardware Watch

Hardware Watch, or in short “HWW”, is an automatic system for detecting hardware failures on your server.

All our servers are equiped with IPMI cards.

Our system will therefore request regularly a status report of it to check if there is a problem or not.

This allows us, in case of an accident, to launch an alert in your console (as well as it will be send by mail).

Once the alert was created, you can give us directly your agreement to launch the intervention at the datacenter (via a button in your console).

Activation of Hardware Watch

Hardware Watch is avctivated by default for all new servers after their installation.

If you have an old server which has not been reinstalled recently, it may be not yet activated.

You can check the status directly from your console: In your server list click on “Manage” at the concerned server.

Then click at Hardware watch in the menu on the left:

If it is not yet activated, you will be proposed to activate it:

If it is already activated, you can either disable it (for maintenance reasons for example) or update the way you want to be alerted in case of a problem:

Hardware Watch may not detect all failures, depending on the model of your server.
For more information check out our website.