Controller HP iLo

The servers manufactured by HP contain the controller iLO3 Advanced.

This controller allows a perfect management and monitoring of your server with the following features:

  • Diagnosis Help: automatic capture of the screen and logs to detect the failure
  • Power Management: stop, start and restart the server remotely
  • dedicated KVM over IP: full remote access to the screen/keyboard/mouse of your server
  • Ability to mount remote ISO images
  • Possibility to mount remote ISO images

Access to iLO

You can access iLO from your management console. Select your server and click on iLo.

Use the credenditals shown to login

iLO information

iLO system information

iLO CPU information

iLO RAM infromation

iLO disk information


iLO virtual media

You can install your server using the virtual media feature of iLO. For more information, consult the documentation related to Installation using ILO.