Access your temporary storage safe via WebDAV

WebDAV is an extension of HTTP protocol that allows reading/writing on a remote server, through the WEB.

As part of C14 services, offers secured WebDAV access (HTTPS) to your temporary storage safe to transfer files to be archived.

Linux settings


DavFS allows you to mount a WebDAV directory as local, like if it was a disk partition.
Therefore, you can use basic Linux shell commands (RSYNC, mv, cp, etc…) to transfer your files.

1. Install DavFS

Example under Debian/Ubuntu :

sudo apt-get install davfs2

2. Save the connection information to your WebDAV space by clicking Manage archive.
Feel free to read documentation on Managing your archives if needed.

3. In place of URI, select the part of the string that comes after @

Example :


As exemplified above, you will use

4. Mount the directory

sudo mount.davfs https://$URI /$MOUNTPOINT

5. Replace $URI by the selected string mentioned above, and $MOUNTPOINT with your preferred mount point.

Once mounted, you can create directories, move files, copy data.

You can create permanent mount points with /etc/fstab.

The main goal of the vault is to be temporary, so we will not cover this subject in the present tutorial

With Cadaver

Cadaver is a command line tool to access WebDAV directory.

1. Install cadaver

sudo apt-get install cadaver

2. Connect to cadaver

cadaver https://$URI

$URI is the same address as previously seen for DavFS(the part of the string that comes after @)

Once connected, it will look similar to a FTP client on the command line.

You can use commands such as get or puts to, respectively, download a remote file or send a local file.

You will also find commands to delete, download/upload multiple files, etc…

Feel free to read this page if needed : man cadaver

With Windows & Mac (using CyberDuck)

When using Windows or Mac OS X, you can use CyberDuck to access directly your personal space WebDAV.

1. Download Cyberduck from their official website.

2. Open and click on Open connection :

Then fill in the fields with informations shown on the console :

Do not forget to select DavFS (HTTP/SSL). Only secure connections are accepted.