Access your temporary storage safe via Rsync

1. Go to the C14 section of your Online console

2. Click Manage on your safe. The list of your archives displays.

3. Click on the temporary storage safe you want to upload your files to:

You will now see the required access parameters for the SFTP/SSH account of your temporary space:

You can see the following information:

  • Type: The technology used for the access
  • Login: Your identifier
  • Password: The password required to connect to your temporary space
  • Key: The SSH key you have specified for the temporary space
  • URI: The unique access string for your account
  • Port: At the end of the URI, you have the port you should use in your client configuration

Now you can transfer your files using the rsync protocol to your temporary space:

rsync -a --inplace -e "ssh -p 32807" /path/to/my/local/backup.tar.gz

You can find more information about rsync in our documentation .