Safe management

Creating a Safe

To create a new safe-deposit-box:

1. Connect yourself to the C14 section in your control panel

2. Click on Create safe to create your first temporary safe-deposit-box

Your first safe is created, now you have to manage your archives directly.

Creating a New Archive

To create a new archive you can either: 1. From the page of collections, click Add archive

2. From the safe list, click Add archive

Once you added an archive, the following page displays:

On this page you can:

  • Give detailed information about the archive
  • Select the type of storage
  • See the protocols for the transfer of your data
  • Add SSH keys
  • The number of days before your data will be archived automatically
  • The data center where your data will be stored

Once you have entered all required information click on Submit to create the archive.

Managing your Archives

1. Go to the administration page of your safe and click on See Details next to the selected archive.

There are three different options available:

1. Unarchive: this will make your archive available to recover your data or to add more data to the archive.

2. Verify: This will verify the data of your archive.

3. Delete: This will delete your data.

Attention, each of these actions has a cost attached depending on the action.