General information

C14 is designed to allow secure data storage in large volumes and for long-term data preservation.


C14 allows unlimited storage of data.
We have an unlimited number of safe deposit boxes.
Each deposit-box can store up to 4 billion files and up to 40 TB of data.
Each deposit-box is encrypted, duplicated and distributed over a minimum of 10 to 44 hard drives.
Our storage algorithm can regenerate all lost or corrupted data.


Archiving between your machine and your safe-deposit-box is done over a temporary storage space. You can access it using different protocols (Rsync, FTP, SFTP, SCP) during 7 days by default.

After 7 days or once your folder is ready, your data will be permanently stored on C14. All file attributes remain intact (permissions, uid, gid, mtime, ctime, atime, …)


All data is encrypted by default by an AES-256-CBC algorithm. The customer is the sole owner of the encryption key, and no other user can access the data, including Online by Scaleway.
C14 complies with ISO 27001 standard, Secret Military, PCI-DSS, HDS and the most important insurance certifications (APSAD R7, R13 APSAD, APSAD R81, R82 APSAD).
Medical or financial data can also be hosted in all safety through HDS and PCI-DSS certifications.


An operation is an action between your deposit-box and the C14 infrastructure:

  • Archiving
  • Unarchiving
  • Deletion
  • Verification

Transactions are billed depending on the volume of the communicated data.

A packing operation is optimized to the global traffic of the infrastructure and the amount of data to archive.
An unpacking operation is of high priority. It takes an average of two hours with an average speed of 650 MB / second

C14 API provides a public API for the most common C14 operations: