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Carbon14 - Frequently Asked Questions

What is Carbon14?

Carbon14 is designed to allow secure data storage in large volumes and for long term data preservation, designed by the electronics laboratory of Online.
The TCO of our solution is far more economical than any entry-level hard drive on the market or tape storage, with a much higher level of security and reliability.

Which types of volumes of data can I store?

You can store an unlimited amount of data in the Carbon14 cloud!
We provide an unlimited number of safe deposit-boxes.
Each deposit-box can contain up to four billion files and grow up to 40TB.

How does the safe deposit-box work?

The deposit-box is a free temporary disk space, provided to deposit your files.
Easily accessible within 7 days by Rsync, FTP, SFTP and SCP, it provides up to 40 TB of storage?
After 7 days, or once you have copied your data into the deposit-box, your data will be stored reliable in Carbon14.
Data recovery works in the same way, the deposit-box will be restored with the initial data.
We keep all attributes of your files (permissions, uid, gid, mtime, ctime, atime, …)

What is an operation?

An operation is an action between the temporary deposit-box and the Carbon14 infrastructure.
Archiving, Unarchiving, Destruction or verification.
Transactions are billed according to the volume of data to be processed.

How much time takes each operation?

An archive operation is done depending on the load on the platform and the the amount of data to archive.
This operation is variable and may take several days.
Unarchiving is done in priority, with an average duration of 2h, with a recovery speed of 650MB/s.

How reliable is Carbon14?

Carbon14 is developed to provide a very high level of security and redundancy.
Our standard level of redundancy offers an annual sustainability guaranteeing the loss of less than
1 megabyte per terabyte stored for 10 years and only 500 kilobytes with enterprise-level.
The durability of your data is covered by a contract and we provide clear guarantees for compensation in case of data loss.

How is my data stored?

Each deposit-box is encrypted, replicated and distributed to a minimum of 10 to 44 independent peripheral devices.
Our storage algorithm allows the restoration of corrupted or lost data.
The infrastructure is hosted in Paris, in our unique anti atomic bunker, built 25 meters deep between two thick
Lutetian limestone benches, outside of any natural, technological or military hazard as known for today.

What is the security level?

All data in the deposit-box is encrypted by default using the AES-256-CBC algorithm.
You are the only one that has the key for the encryption, our staff can't access your data.

Which level of certification does Carbon14 provide?

Carbon 14 complies with ISO 27001 standard, Secret Military,
PCI-DSS, HDS and the most important insurance certifications (APSAD R7, R13 APSAD, APSAD R81, R82 APSAD). 
Our product is known and audited by the insurance organizations and makes it eligible to establish an inexpensive and reliable recovery plan.
You can securely host medical or financial information through our HDS certification (Hébergeur Données Santé - Health Data Hosting) and PCI-DSS.