Outsourcing an server allows you to assign the technical management of your machines to another Online account without giving full access to your account.

All additional services that might be linked with your server (failover IPs, RPN, options, ….) are billed in the account tho which the server belongs to.

Outsourcing of a dedicated server

To outsource one of your servers, you have to do the following steps: Click on Server > Server list and Manage

On your servers status page, you have to click on Outsourcing in the menu on the left:

Enter the user name of the technical contact:

You will see a list of all associated services that will be outsourced to the technical contact.

Outsourcing of a failover IP

Start by going to Server > Network configuration

Click on the little cogwheel icon, then on Outsourcing:

Enter the identifier of the new technical contact for the failover IP address:

Accept an outsourcing

Once an outsourcing request has been sent to your account, you have to go click on your user name, then go to Outsourcing:

You will see a list of outsourcing requests:

Validate the requests by clicking on the button. You will then be set as technical contact for the service and are able to administer it from your account.

Revoke an outsourcing

Revoking of an outsourcing can be done either from the technical account or from the account of the owner of the services in the same way.

To do it, you have to click on your user name, then on “Outsourcing” in the menu

In this menu you have to uncheck the check box in the column “technical” and to save the change by clicking on “Remove selected roles”

Once the role is removed the technical contact will have no longer access to the server.