Online offers various tools to assist you.

Support by ticket

You can contact the technical support team from the support area in your management console.

To contact technical assistance by tickets is free, you need to have an account to open a ticket.

To open a new ticket, click on Support > Technical assistance in your console.

You will then be able to write a message and to send the ticket

You will be able to visualize the conversation with the technical assistance team

And will also be able to see the history of your tickets:

Support by phone

We offer support by telephone to our subscribers:

  • Available at +1 302-782-0229
  • Opening hours: 24 hours a day, from Monday to Sunday

You must provide your subscriber number and PIN to the technician. Without this information the technician won't be able to access to your account information. You can recover these information from the management console:

For more information go to the support area.

B2B assistance

A special assistance is available for B2B/Iliad Datacenter customers at +33.(0)


No need to give you the address, you are already here.

For any suggestion or if you would like to propose an tutorial, you can contact the support in a ticket.

Service status

A page including the status of our services and maintenance information can be found at


ONLINE offers a network of partners that can help you in the installation, maintenance and supervision of your dedicated servers.

You will find more information on the outsourcing of dedicated servers.



A forum is available at


Online offers you a chatroom on “Slack” to communicate with our clients and our team members.

Connection to Slack

To access to our chatrooms on Slack, you can create an account at:

Once you are connected, you can join our channels:

  #community - English channel
  #community-fr - French channel

To join a channel, type the following command /join #name_of_the_channel

Download of the Slack client

You can download a client for Slack, which is available for Windows, Linux and MacOS:
A mobile client is available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone in the different Appstores.

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