Managing SSH keys in your account

You can add SSH keys to manage the different services you have with in your account.

To add a key, you have to start by clicking on your login, on the top right corner of the page, next to Logged in as:

In the list select SSH keys.

You will now see a page listing all your keys (if you already have some) and it will allow you to add another, if required:

Adding a key

To add another key, click on the button Add SSH key in the interface.

Now enter a description of your choice (to know to what the key corresponds), then enter the public key in the form:

Finally click on Add SSH key.
Your key is now registered!

You can now see the list of registered keys:

Deleting a key

To delete a key, click on Delete in the list of available keys.

The interface will ask you to confirm the deletion, click on Confirm:

The key is deleted now!