Beware of scams - Recognizing fraud and phishing emails

Phishing is a method of sending emails in the name of a brand, triggering you to enter your credentials on a fraudulent website, imitating the look and feel of the site that you expect. The sender of this email wants to steal your confident data or credit card information.

In this guide, you will learn how to recognize a phishing mail and what to do if you click a fraudulent link.

How to detect a phising mail

You have received an email on behalf of and you want to be sure it is genuine? Here are some information to distinguish visually an email from a phishing attempt.

Make sure that the following four conditions are met, before clicking on any link.
Condition number email phishing email
1 - Sender Verify that the address used to send the email ends with “” Most of the time, the email will be marked as “spam” and the address used to send the email is not ending with “”
2 - Recipient You will see your first and last name indicated in the email. The email is sent to an anonymous recipient.
3 - Link Move your mouse over the link, without clicking on it and you will see the destination address (at the bottom of your browser). In this mail the link points well to In this mail the real link has nothing to do with Don't click on it.
4 - Identifiant You can see your login for the management console in the email. Your identifiant is not visible in the mail

Report a phishing email

If after the checks explained above, you are certain that you have indeed received a phishing e-mail imitating, you can send us a maximum of information (the content of the email with its complete headers) by opening an ticket in your management console.

Please note that the information you provide to us can be shared with third parties to combat these threats.

I entered my personal information: what shall I do?

You entered your credit card number on a fraudulent site

Contact your bank quickly to oppose. Indicate the date and, if possible, the time you entered your credit card number.

Only your bank can cancel fraudulent transactions that may have been made without your knowledge.

You entered your password on a fraudulent site

Log in to your management and change your password. We strongly advise you to also activate two factor authentication to secure your account.

You can use a password generator to generate a strong and secure password for your account.