Change your password

You can change the password from the personal information page in your management console.

Lost password

If you have forgotten or lost your password, you can reset it using the password recovery form.

You need to provide either the identifier, or the e-mail address or a domain name linked to the account.

An e-mail or text message will be send to you to recover your password.
To receive the required link, your e-mail address or phone number have to be valid.

Recovery by mail

Example of a mail that is send to reset your password. You need to click on the link in the mail (please note, the link is only vaild one time):

Reset by text message

Example of a text message send, to recover the password. The code to reset the password is in the text message:

Note: The code in the SMS is not your new password. It is a security code you have to enter on the webseite to reset the password.

Recovery of the password with an email address that is no longer valid

This should never happen.
If nevertheless, this happens, and if you no longer have the access codes to your account, you must send us a request for the update of your email address contact with the following pieces of identification:

  • Email address
  • Postal address
  • 2 different documents proofing your identity (passport or local ID card for individual accounts + certificate of incorporation for companies)
  • A phone number to contact you
  • Copy of your last Online bill or amount charged if you don’t have a copy
  • Card statement showing the Online by Scaleway bill debit

In any case, the request has to be sent by e-mail to:

We will update the e-mail address on receipt of the application, subject to validation.

Once your e-mail address has been updated, you can use this form to receive the recovery codes for your account.


To avoid any problems, here are some simple rules that are valid for all of your accounts, not only at

  1. Never give your password to anyone. Especially not by mail/irc/MSN, … employees will never ask you for your password.
  2. Do not write down your password.
  3. Always disconnect from your account.
  4. Do not leave your session open if you are away from your computer.
  5. Use a complex password (at least 8 characters, lowercase, UPPERCASE and numbers)