Domain names and web hostings can be paid by credit card or cheque during the subscription.

For the dedicated servers, their options and the Dedirack colocation you have several payment methods.

Payment modes

Online offers you four payment modes.

You can administer your invoices as well as your payment modes directly from the billing section of your account. To access it, click on your Login in the top right corner of your console:

The billing section will present itself to you as following:

  • Your primary payment method
  • Possibility to define a dedicated billing contact (to receive the invoices)
  • The list of your invoices, downloadable in PDF format

Direct debit

Currently only available within the Sepa payment area.

Direct debit is the recommended payment method for dedicated servers.

Once you have subscribed to the service, you need to send the direct debit authorization to your bank.

Direct debit is not available for domain names and web hosting.

The invoice will be created at the beginning of each month and the debit of your bank account will be done around the 10th-15th of each month.
The first invoice will include the pro-rata invoicing of the remaining days of the current month as well as the following month and any option you have subscribed with your server.

To edit or add a direct debit, you have to enter the details of your bank account. You can find these information on a RIB or obtain it directly from your bank.

Credit/Debit cards and cheques

According to our general sales terms, we are accepting the payment by credit and debit cards as well as cheques.

We accept the following types of cards:

  • AMEX
  • Visa
  • Master Card
As numerous abusive sign-ups use virtual, prepaid or electron cards, it is currently not possible to use these payment methods.

It is required that the card you are using has 3D Secure enabled for additional authentication.

You can add or edit a credit card in your billing area. Only one card can be registered with your account at the same time.

Once you add a new card a test transaction of €1 excl. VAT (€1.20 with 20% VAT) will be made.

This transaction may appear on your card statement. It will be refunded or deleted within a few days.


Paypal payments are possible for dedicated servers and their options. You need to have a validated Paypal account, at least 3 months of seniority at and to have a debit authorization before placing your order.

You have to choose it in the list of available payment methods.

This will redirect you to the site of Paypal to authorize the automatic debit:

Change the default payment mode

Within the billing section of your account, you can change the default payment mode by clicking on the button Change payment mode

Once clicked, a list of available payment modes will appear:

Choose the most convenient for you and complete the process by adding the required information.

View and print invoices

Invoices are downloadable and printable directly from the billing section of your management console.

Is card payment secure?

Payment using your credit or debit card at is very secure: The payment details are sent encrypted (using SSL) directly to the server of your bank (no sensitive data is handled by

Which VAT rate applies?

For regulatory reasons, it is the VAT of your country of residency, if located in the European Union or Russia, that applies on your invoice (20% for France).

Different methods are applied depending on the country of your residence:

VAT will be charged, if you are:

  1. An individual living in France or another country of the European Union
  2. A company or organization situated in France
  3. A French or European company not having a VAT number
  4. An individual living in Russia or a Russian company or organization, due to local regulations

No VAT will be charged, if you are:

  1. An individual or a company situated outside the European Union and Russia,
  2. A company or organization with a registered VAT number and situated in the European Union, but outside of France.

You are REQUIRED to provide your EU VAT number during the subscription.

French companies will still be subject to VAT on their invoices of
French companies will have to balance the accounting level between VAT collected and paid to the government by their concerned departments.

Resolution of payment issues

In case of any payment issues, you may consult the documentation related to the resolution of payment incidents.