Account management management console

The management console of gives you full control over your account. No matter, if you want to configure your domain names, web hostings, dedicated servers or your dedirack collocation - You can manage everything in one place.

Student accounts do no longer exist, only regular accounts remain.

My information

You can update any personal information about your account directly in the management console.

If you want to change the legal form, the company name or the name of the domain owner, you need to start a procedure for changing the owner.

For a dedicated server it is not possible to change the owner of an account.
You need to open a new account with the new ownership information, order the services in the new account and terminate the old ones afterwards.

If you want to change your student account into a personal account, you need to contact the technical assistance.

My services

The list of all your services is available in the section my services.

Security alerts / abuses

Security alerts will be sent to you if your configuration has security issues or if some content on your server does not respect the law. These alerts can be for example:

  • Sending of SPAM from your server or web hosting
  • Bruteforcing from your server
  • The hosting of phishing sites
  • Sharing of illegal content
  • and so on…

These alerts are available in the security alerts section of the management console.

This section is used for security alerts of all your services, either web hosting or dedicated servers.

You must answer to them with the highest priority possible and with a delay of 72 hours max.

If required you can signalize an abuse.

Connection logs

Connection logs to your management console are available at this link.


Important messages sent to you are available at this link. A notification will be shown upon connection to your management console, if you have unread messages.

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